Before many of us realized Majid Jordan is actually two people, they were on top of the world, having had a hand in crafting arguably the most ubiquitous song of 2013, Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” But despite the hallowed OVO co-sign, their recent self-titled record takes little for granted. When singer Majid Al Maskati muses on how “easy it is to fall into a cycle” on the opening track, he’s far from satisfied with resting on his laurels. This track, coupled with early album standout “Make it Work,” perhaps represent Majid Jordan at their hardest working; the snare drum beat sizzles, and Al Maskati’s vocals fit seamlessly in the tense, futuristic song. Later on the album, “Something About You,” ascends gradually, reaching the heights of the Marilyn Monroe towers by Square One before circling back to the funk-tinged hook.

Leaving the club credentials of “My Love” aside, the record indicates how comfortably Majid Jordan fit into the space on the margins of a night out; they are adept at setting the pre-club mood and perhaps more so at easing the late night comedown. Two and a half years after “Hold On,” Drake remains as potent a cultural force as ever, and Majid Jordan continues to play their part in sound-tracking the OVO universe.

– ben

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