Del Tiempo de Ayer – Bautista Viajando 

A Dance With The Stars – Gabriel Conti 

Lobo (Acapulco Remix) – _acapulco_ 

“Fuck man, this place is impossible to find”

Not the phrase you want to hear yourself saying when you want to get to a concert on time. An even worse phrase when it pertains to you trying to find the bus which will take you an hour away to the city where the concert actually is. After finally finding the right bus stop among hundreds and arriving in La Plata (a city south of Buenos Aires) my buddy Bruno and I grabbed a cab to the place where the event was supposed to take place. We didn’t know the address but when we got out of the cab we saw a building covered in murals with music emanating from it and we knew we were in the right place.

We stepped inside just in time and entered a house party/concert that was well worth the journey. A living room converted into a concert venue filled with students and the overfill poured into the hallway. Alcohol and snacks in the kitchen and art installations in each room and on the terrace, yeah that’s right there was a terrace. It actually reminded me quite a bit of the Vault Unlocked concerts we host back in Kingston.

The first band was Bautista Viajando, a four piece with a full melodic sound that filled up the room and much of the house. They were followed by Gabriel Conti whom you may have heard of from a post I did about one of his songs earlier this year. With Gabriel on keyboards and guitarist Maximiliano Sueldo accompanying they created some awesome sounds, we hope they’ll have some more stuff recorded soon. The last musician to play was _acapulco_. A DJ with a rhythm-heavy dance set that was super enjoyable. After the music the party carried on for a while longer before we had to roll out. However music was still on the roster of events later that night as we went back to a friend of Gabriel’s and continued to jam.

Big shout out to Taller del Caleidiscopio for hosting the event and the photos! We hope to be back soon. Events like these really make you appreciate the global possibilities there are to support local artists even when you are abroad. I can also say that anyone who wants to travel should definitely put Argentina and La Plata on their list of destinations.

More music to come. Ciao


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