Nevermind the End


You know that cool girl in high school who every younger girl idolized ? More often than not, these girls end up being someone who you eventually realize are the worst person ever, but recently I was pleasantly surprised. After forgetting about her for the past 6 years, Valerie Teicher has released a fantastic EP under the pseudonym Tei Shi.

Teicher grew up in Bogata, lived in Vancouver, and now resides in Brooklyn.  She has created an exquisite blend of dream-pop and R&B, with ethereal acapella vocals overlaying a droning, seductive bass.  Self-described as “mermaid music,” Tei Shi’s siren song sounds like it coming at you through the sea.  I tried to pick a favourite for this post, but found it impossible, so I have included my favourite 3 tracks off of her EP which is released today on ITunes.  I heavily advise downloading the album, or at least heading over to her Soundcloud page and giving every track a listen.


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