Try to describe Chad VanGaalen. Seriously, just try it. I know I have, and it’s pretty darn impossible. “Oh, it’s… uh… underground experimental rock with a, uh… an indie-electronic twist, you know?” I don’t think anyone really knows; at least, not until they check out the latest single released from the trippy Canadian’s upcoming album, Shrink Dust. This album incorporates frustratingly catchy pop hooks with VanGaalen’s signature layered vocals to create songs I know I can’t to blast in my car as I cruise around Kingston this summer. The result? ‘Monster’, an ethereal, lo-fi tune with lyrics that sound so good, you don’t even realize that they’re creepy as hell. Exhibit A: “Ripping my eyelids a little bit wider / Are two prying hands that grew out from my shoulders / And I can’t explain why / But it’s hurting my eyes”. Only Chad could make lyrics welcome in a horror movie sound so appealing.

Thanks to Sub Pop, Shrink Dust is coming to your ears April 19th. Check out ‘Monster.’


– Nikki

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