Morning Thought

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is a two-man duo hailing from Detroit, whose album It’s a Corporate World is drizzled with electro indie-pop goodness. The opening bars of “Morning Thought” emulate the first few moments when you’re waking up to sunlight dancing on your pillow, and your mind is shaking off the remnants of a dream. But then, a strange gaggle of voices join the mix and cacophony ensues. Somehow the blend of lilting chimes, a chunky beat, and somewhat cryptic lyrics seamlessly blend together into something wondrously enjoyable.

Make sure to check out the video of the live recording of “Nothing But Our Love.” The song has been stripped down to a sparse recording with a piano, organ, and the voices of Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott, which is perfectly complemented by the desolate landscape of Iceland. Pure bliss. I was lucky enough to see these guys play at Sasquatch music festival, and man, was it a treat. If you ever get the chance to do the same, I highly recommend it.


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