In my life, there are some things that I can’t live without: Bacon, Netflix and home cooked meals, just to name a few. One of the most important things, however, would have to be my iTunes Library. Without my music, I would probably go insane – I mean, 8tracks playlists and YouTube videos can only take you so far, you know?

My iTunes library is sacred to me, perfectly organized and put together to fit all of my musical needs. It is a collection of songs, artists, and albums that have been amassed since I was 14. In fact, my library even has the semi-magical ability of transporting me back in time – just by playing a certain song, I am brought back to specific memories, times, and places. Everyone has those certain songs that they associate with different parts of their lives, and very often this can be an extremely euphoric feeling. To be honest, my iTunes library probably speaks volumes about me as it can tell the whole story of my adolescence just by shuffling through the songs. Just as some people have pictures to tell their stories, I use songs.

On top of all that, my iTunes library also has a rather extensive amount of playlists, many with very embarrassing names. Despite this, I refuse to change them, because no matter how stupid they may sound, there was a time in my life when those names seemed somewhat appropriate. Just to name a few, there were the very deep and moving “The Little Things”, the sleep inducing “Sleepy Siesta” and, my personal favourite, “Kitchen Krump” (cooking is more fun when you’re dancing, right?).  In fact, I currently have exactly 35 playlists, some with better names than others, but to me, each of them serves a purpose and is made for specific situations. I like to be prepared for anything, what can I say? There are playlists for camping, playlists for studying, playlists for pre-drinks, playlists for post-drinks; hell, I even have a playlists for making playlists.

Music is important to tons of people, and we all have different ways of collecting and organizing it. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a kick ass record collection, some old school tapes, or that collection of CDs amassed in the 90s. For me, I just happen to use my iTunes library. But, hey – that’s not to say I don’t still have my Walkman kickin’ it back home right next to my Outkast CD…

– Eric Lazure

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