NECK DEEPOver and Over

Table’s Turned

Crushing Grief


Seeing as it’s the end of the semester again, and ultimately the end of another school year, I thought I would reflect on some of the music I have been listening to throughout the past 8 months and share a gem I have been keeping to myself.

Hailing from Wrexham, UK, bringing all of the stage dives and high fives with them across the pond are Neck Deep. Boasting over one million plays on their YouTube and Vimeo accounts, two EPs and one full length under their belts (heh heh), and being slotted to play the entirety of the Vans Warped Tour 2014, these guys have made a splash in the punk music scene in the last two years. Did I mention that they have also only been a band for two years? What started as a bedroom project between vocalist Ben Barlow and guitarist Lloyd Roberts, the cheaply produced 2012 EP Rain in July received so much facebook and YouTube attention that the band decided to see where this project could take them and made full time commitments to their music.

After cutting their teeth playing numerous shows across the UK, the band managed to fund themselves to play a string of weekend shows in Florida last summer to satisfy American fan’s appetites for their brazen and forthright variety of pop punk. The band managed to cause such an uproar that within a month they signed an international contract with US label Hopeless Records and an LP was slotted to be released by 2014.

Well, here we are, moving into spring (finally) and the band’s first full length Wishful Thinking is out and things have never looked better for the lads. They’re just finishing up their first full American tour, are about to embark on their second full UK tour, and are slotted to play a number of festivals this summer. Hell yeah.

Something that I think is super cool about this band that they demonstrate how local and independent music can greatly benefit from numerous internet mediums such as social media, music hosting websites, and music blogs in general. Just two years ago these guys were just playing music for fun, recording for their own ears, but thanks to their ability to share what they’ve created with individuals beyond their locality, they’ve had an incredible opportunity to embark on a journey that each one of the members will never forget. This is a big reason why I have taken a part in The Vault. I’ve been playing in and supporting local music since I was teenager and have seen how far deserving and talented musicians can go given the vibrancy of their local scene and the growing influence that internet mediums have played in advancing bands. It’s people like YOU, going out to shows, sharing music with your friends across social medium platforms that help bands the most. It’s incredible how much talent is it out there, and its remarkably simple to find new music today. Support your local musician, ‘cause you never know.

Back to the tunes. I’ll leave a song from each of their current releases because they all have something cool to offer from Neck Deep. “Over and Over” from Rain in July; “Table’s Turned” from A History of Bad Decisions; and “Crushing Grief” from Wishful Thinking.

Neck Deep will be playing at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto this Friday April 4 with Knuckle Puck, Light Years, Seaway, and Safe to Say. Stage dives and high fives all night.


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