When I first heard this track it reminded me of a piano-riff you’d hear in a video game. Not while you’re playing, rather once you’ve finished kicking Bowser’s ass or saving the day and then the credits come in with only the piano for the first bit. While I never really liked it when I played video games (granted I probably sucked back then), it makes a killer intro for this track.

Alex Autajon is a young artist coming out of Southeastern France. His older brother and his friends were always hooking him up with the latest releases from French Labels such as Para One and Sound Pellegrino. Needed is one of the four tracks off his EP, Don’t Be Shy; released by the label I & XII, an Argentinian label headed by our friend Gabriel Conti. If you enjoyed this track here’s a link to the rest of his EP, filled with nice trappy beats, and melancholy electronic melodies.


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