Water Fountain



Wait For a Minute


tUnE-yArDs just released their newest album Nikki Nack on May 6th, and although I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing, the two released singles “Water Fountain” and “Wait for a Minute” have got me intrigued. If the two songs are any indication of what’s to come on the album, they demonstrate that Merrill Garbus, the creator of tUnE-yArDs, isn’t straying too far stylistically from their last album W H O K I L L. Both singles feature Garbus’ signature use of a loop pedal, as well as vocal effects and a wide range of industrial sounding synthesizer sounds. Each of these sounds layered one on top of another, in addition to Garbus’ unique voice, leads to creating tUnE-yArDs’ distinctive and incredibly full sound. As for the singles, “Water Fountain” starts off with extremely energetic tribal-like drums and goes on to incorporate the same short, rhythmic bass riffs that were featured on W H O K I L L. Of the two singles, “Water Fountain” is significantly more energetic and seems to hold more of that signature passion and build-up that you hear in Garbus’ voice especially towards the end of the song. “Wait for a Minute”, on the other hand, is quite different sounding in comparison and shows us a significantly more sensitive side of Garbus. It features a more melancholic mood, as well as a particularly industrial as opposed to tribal sound. One thing to be noted in particular with regards to “Wait for a Minute” is that the lyrics are incredibly clear and are delivered in a much more straightforward manner than have been in the past. tUnE-yArDs fans should be pleased to hear that they’ll be hearing a similar sound as they did back in 2011, on the new album Nikki Nack. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the 2011 album W H O K I L L, do so, as it received critical acclaim by critics like the Rolling Stone and TIME magazine, and on top of that, is one of my personal favourites. Watch out for her at Toronto’s NXNE this June 13-22.


– Maddy

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