No Talk


This track has just been released however if you haven’t been busy doing nothing but listening to fusion jazz and exclusively reading food labels you’ll have probably heard this song in a somewhat different incarnation. The beat behind Drake’s new track “No Tellin'” comes from this track. It’s a small pleasure of mine to find out which samples are used in a lot of the hip-hop and electronic tracks I know and love, I often come out enjoying the original as much as the remix. ‘No Talk’ is no exception to this rule. We wrote about River Tiber a few years back when they first started to really make waves in the Toronto scene. Now it feels like a certainty that their way to becoming ubiquitously known by anyone who pays attention to new music in Toronto. The group plans to drop two new records this year so keep your ears to the ground for that. However, given their virtuosity and propensity to collaborate with other groups you’ll have probably heard more of their tones and beats unwittingly before then.




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