Oh Darlin’

I’m very excited to give a big shout to a former Queen’s peer, now synth princess, Lüthian. I first heard her track “In Between” this past summer, and was impressed with her work. This girl knows how to tap into those new age feels. She produces her works through Ableton, and layers them with soft vocals, the final product being a sort of ambient heaven. This week she dropped two new tracks on Soundcloud. The first being a fresh rework of Fleetwood Mac’s “Sara,” which is my favourite track of hers to date and give presents a solid case for her vision as an independent artist. The second being an original collaboration with Montreal producer, Zelter, called “Oh Darlin.” Together, they sound like a mix between XXYYXX, Purity Ring, and Lykke Li to name a few. Super pumped for these two as they’re on the right track to becoming well-known Canadian artists. Keep an eye (and ear) out.

– Annie




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