Rural Alberta Advantage

On the Rocks


Whenever I am on the train, I listen to nothing but The Rural Alberta Advantage. Something about the overall tone and feel of their music fits perfectly with staring at the passing Canadian landscape. “On the Rocks” is one of my favourite tunes off of their third album, Mended With Gold, which just was released this past September.

The song starts out slowly with their signature use of the full drum kit always in the forefront of the sound, and adding in a reverberating electric effect as the vocals kick in with slight distortion. As it finds its rhythm in the snare and cymbals soft key tones drift in to punctuate the percussion. This is a perfect example of how The RAA creates tension in their music by juxtaposing different elements in particular sections. This track is also a showcase of their lyrical style, as its not text heavy but always conveys a full weight of emotion through the use of intelligent metaphors and crafty phrasing. The vocal delivery further hits this home, as the lead singer Nils jumps between a full throttle straining and the low, gentle harmonies.

Mended With Gold is another great album from this band, as they stay true to what they do best while finding new techniques to deliver it. As per usual, it has me counting down until the next time I can see them live.

– Margaret



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