One of These Days [audio]

“Playing music isn’t like hanging out together. It’s a different experience. You’re doing something together. The fun part is having 10 horn players and making the music with 10 people. I don’t want one person to play 10 parts, even though it’s faster and cheaper. Forget it, man. You hear the community that I love in the music. You hear it in the early rock’n’roll records. You hear it in the big LA records and Stax and Motown. You hear it on orchestral records. You are hearing a group of people, in a community together, doing something you cannot do any other way. You cannot copy it.”

Matthew E. White mints a sound best described as groovy. With echoes of 60 and 70’s era funk and soul, this guy blends old and new seamlessly. The above quote was garnered from an interview that this beautifully bearded man did for The Guardian. The sense of community that he describes when making his music is clearly palpable when listening to “One of These Days”. This song swirls around and warms like an aged whiskey, producing a deliciously comforting feeling that begins in your chest and spreads outward.

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