Full of War

Open Eyes


I originally had another song lined up for today, but earlier this week Richmond, Virginia based band Conditions announced they were calling it quits, so it felt appropriate to send them off by sharing what they were all about.

Formed in 2006, members had all cut their teeth in heavier acts before coming together to explore broader creative terrain and develop a contemplative, but accessible brand of melodic post-hardcore which blends the best of what the genre has to offer into something unique. “Open Eyes”, taken off of 2013’s Full of War, is a spirited and purposive track that really captures what this band did best. It opens with distant but intriguing chords that effectively establish a suspended sense of contemplation that we are fully thrust into when the band dynamically kicks in. From there, one can’t help but sense the reflective atmosphere that Conditions are known for consistently producing. When exploring their catalogue, expect steady rhythmic drive, hooky guitars, and honest vocal delivery.

While they may not be together anymore, Conditions are one of those bands whose caliber set the bar high for other acts to follow. No word of a final tour, yet.


– Paul

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