All Wash Out

Maybe one day we will have enough wrinkles and wisdom to stop, to sleep, and to let those things that we’ll never grasp just pass on by unbothered and untainted like they should. But for now, all we have is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to guide us on our way. Great things in life are too often mistaken for beauty, and it’s tragic that they are not seen for what they really are. I won’t say that this song is beautiful, and I don’t think there is critique in that empty space. This song is simple, it is calm and gentle, it is precious and it is delicate. There’s a light in this song, there’s a little bit of elusive wisdom. There are great things about this song, and about this band, and those great things do not need to be mis-described as beauty. There are great things about this song, and that is enough. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros don’t need beauty.


About You



If I had it my way this song could only be listened to between the hours of 3 AM and Noon. That way the party is either starting to wind down or you’re just waking up and you can truly appreciate it. The song is sexy, the video is sexy, and Sundays are sexy. Enjoy.




Boston duo You Won’t ‘s freshman album, Skeptic Goodbye, is replete with rollicking rifts and endearing lyrics. “Television”, with its comforting piano and handclap beat perpetually guides the listener through to the end of the song, while the repeated refrain “And it always ends the same” compliments this steady beat beautifully. Wrapping up in under two minutes, “Ten Years Old” is another great track.  It starts out mildly with the vocals of Josh Arnoudse and a little piano ditty that is reminiscent of something out of Charlie Brown. This is soon interrupted by what can only be described as the drop, as a rush of horns blow in and introduce a strong beat to make for a boisterous mix. Just as fast as it began, the song is over, leaving one craving for more and humming the catchy tune for hours after.