Doobies (Feat. Madness)

Fahrtwind (Feat. Jaques Shure)

Record Money (Feat. Maniac)

This is the first full album I’ve bought in a while. I was introduced to the producer Dexter a German hip-hop producer, while I was on exchange in Argentina from a housemate who came from the Fatherland. Palmen und Freunde (2014) is a  14 track album that has beats produced by Dexter with a variety of German rappers spitting over top of them. I highly recommend snagging it on itunes as I’ve had trouble finding it on any kind of torrent site (I mostly just got episodes of Dexter). For 10 bones you’ll get all 14 tracks with MCs on them as well as the instrumentals. I particularly like the way most of Dexter’s beats have this smooth quality about them, a nice oasis in the current maelstrom of trappy beats we have as the main focus of the hip-hop world these days.



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