Paul Simon 

No Ribbons


I am thrilled to be posting Devan & Khalid today! I’ve heard mutterings of their name around the Queen’s campus, and hadn’t had a chance to check them out until today. It was a delight to discover these two- the ideal melodies to backdrop the rainy misty mountains in my North Vancouver backyard.

Bearing an organic smooth folk sound, this duo is thriving in simplicity. Devan & Khalid bring us back to the basics with an acoustic guitar, two smooth voices and the occasional visit from a harmonica. More than easy listening, this is kind listening, and gentle listening. Keep your ears and eyes pealed for these two, as they often play around Queen’s and Kingston. Head over to their Bandcamp and check out their brand new debut EP, ‘This Town,’ available for a free download (also available for a not-free download… support your local independent artists!).

– Kate

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