Pauses of the Night

“LUKA is a romantic. A doe-eyed dreamer. A jilted lover. A naive preacher. An excitable boy. Armed with a nylon string guitar, LUKA is a warrior of the romance ballad. “Why is his heart so full?” His heart is full of love and sorrow.”

I first saw LUKA as he and two female vocalists were the first band ever to take the stage opening night at The Isabel back at the Timber Timbre show last month. The only instrumental sound during the performance was Luke Kuplowsky’s muted strumming of his acoustic guitar, but the attention the trio demanded was so great you could have heard a pin drop in the theatre. With an equally muted voice accompanied with swells from his female vocalists, LUKA shared his songs of love, romance, and heartbreak (that bandcamp description above really doesn’t lie about it’s claims).

After getting my hands on a copy of Calling All Cats Black (his 2013 album) and getting to know the gentle haunting instrumentals of most of LUKA’s songs, the waltz-esq sound of “Pauses of the Night” was a welcome surprise. The song was released last month shortly after his Kingston debut and is hopefully a sign of more tunes to come from this Toronto-based romantic.


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