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You have to route for the artists who come from your hometown, so maybe I am biased in my unfaltering support for The Pick Brothers Band, but seeing a band from the small suburban town Aurora making a name for themselves in music scenes all around Ontario is something worth celebrating.  Two shows in Kingston was all it took to generate a buzz, and now The Pick Brothers is a name I hear regularly. Kingston loves this band. The boys really are brothers and their last name really is pick (like guitar pick) which, if you believe in the sort of thing, can be understood as a sign that the Pick Brothers Band was destined to be.  I can’t say anything on the subject of destiny but I will gladly go on about their debut album Pink Lemonade.

With this album they have created a full sound that is hard to define and harder still to pin point its roots.  Pink Lemonade is worldly in that on it you can hear sounds and influences from music styles all over the world. One of my favourite tracks, “Drunk Singing Happy” captures the coastal vibes of the Maritimes while “Circles” has a real reggae sound.  Each song on Pink Lemonade hits you with such vibrant and optimistic melodies making it a prime party album. You just have to dance.

The great tragedy in blogging about this album is that Pick Brothers truly are a live band.  Putting your volume on full blast and rocking out to these infectious tunes in your room is great fun but experiencing them live is what will cement your love for the Pick Brothers.  Their shared passion and genuine enthusiasm for music that radiates through their live performance makes me think that maybe it is true these brothers were destined to be a band after all.

– Emma


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