Po Lazarus - Po Lazarus


Po Lazarus are a four piece group out of Montreal with a two song demo and a self-titled five song EP under their belt.  They easily blend folk rock and blues and weave the two together well with a ukulele the lead singer plays melancholically, it gives their music a tropical yet serious feel that suits the genre well.  Couple Weeks Time is quite a treat, it features a surfer vibe and more laidback cadence then their other songs.  The highlight of the strong EP is certainly the soulful If You Are Alone as it really epitomizes the band and their abilities, it climaxes at the end as the entire band sings the chorus together before a clean yet hectic guitar solo.  Po Lazarus is playing at the Vault’s Back-!-Yard Festival on September 12th and promises to be an interesting and fantastic show, see you there!




Po Lazarus – Couple Weeks Time


Po Lazarus – If You Are Alone


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