Festival: Sasquatch! Festival 2013

Date: May 24-27th 2013

Location: The Gorge, USA

Why You Should Go: Everyone remembers the first time they looked out over the famed, majestic Gorge in Washington, USA. This backdrop for Sasquatch! Festival is so sensationally beyond belief, we cannot feel any less than transported. It creates the ideal state for a weekend void of life’s tangible meanderings. The soul of Sasquatch! is glorious, alive and addictive.

In the past few years, Sasquatch! Festival has grown immensely in size and attendance. While this growth in size may bring along those few attendees who see shows through Instagram filters and contemplate their Facebook album title while the rest of us contemplate life and its mystique, this growth in size has also allowed the festival to provide a niche for every type of festival-goer. Its diverse lineup of names of all sizes and genres is perfect for a bit of taste testing, while your blanket on the hill or moshpit in the rave waits for you to come home to.

Out relationship with Sasquatch! is built on trust; this is a festival that will never fail to yield and to cultivate more than a few undiscovered gems. Sasquatch! has a knack for picking some good ones. I recommend attending all the early shows: bands wielding talent and spirit, lacking only a supersized name and following. And, that is where you are sure to find the humans with a genuine heart for the music and the festival.

 Who You Should See:

Japandroids: A solid hearty meal of some gloriously full rock.

CHVRCHES: Electronic pop with a secret. Expect intrigue and love.

Suuns: Engaging, exciting and dark, dark, dark- music as an active experience.

Indians: Indians are from Copenhagen. Indians look forward to meeting you.

Wake Owl: Raw and earthy folk sounds born from the organic evolution of music.

Shad: Canadian hip hop built of substance and skill.

 &:  The Postal Service, Sigur Ros, Vampire Weekend, The XX, Arctic Monkeys, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Empire of the Sun, Bloc Party, Grimes, Alt-J, Azealia Banks, Tame Impala, The Tallest Man on Earth, Michael Kiwanuka

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