Art Rarely Seen Amidst Landscapes You’ve Never Been.

Festival: The Wilderness Festival 2013

Date: August 8-11th 2013

Location: Cornbury Park, UK

Why You Should Go: It’s not just music. Described as “a festival of experiences,” Wilderness 2013 supplies us with countless opportunities to expand and explore, to learn and to discover and to dance and revel! In addition to a phenomenal variety of musicians, you can look forward to long table banquets (Gastronomy FTW!), circus and theatre, debate and literary events, meditation and yoga workshops, pony rides and some glorious late night revelry to cap it all off. One of the most intriguing aspects of this festival is their Well Being and Outdoor Pursuits lineup, offering The Wild Runs, Woodland Medicine Walks, and The Secret Sanctuary, a place for body-healing and soul-nourishing. As for the tantalizing late night revelry, this year THE BOX, a UK nightclub, will be lending their unique theatrical and entertainment experiences to The Wilderness Festival 2013. Expect nothing short of mystery and mystique. And, to tickle the fancy of perfection just a bit more, it’s all against an inviting, lush landscape of forest and field, sparkling water holes, a lakeside spa and many friends waiting to meet you.

Who You Should See:

Ghostpoet: Rhythmic electronic for your mind to groove to.

Eliza and the Bear: Indie folk rock music to generate that genuine eyes-shut-hillside-swaying’n’bobbing moment.

London Grammar: A gentle melody topped with a piercing voice to feed that urge to emerge.

Matt Corby: Soulful Australian folk that will solve those mysteries of the heart.

Melody’s Echo Chamber: Sassy and psychedelic tunes your shoulders will sing along to.

Lucy Rose: The sweetest of sweet to be the perfect soundtrack for the most beauteous of the beauts, the perfect soundtrack to a moment in the Wilderness.

&: Empire of the Sun, Noah and the Whale, Micheal Kiwanuka, Martha Wainwright

– Kate

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