Property Lines

Remember Holy Fuck? A few fun Torontonians, not a tonne of real instruments, and responsible for this masterpiece? A few years ago, after 6 years of touring with the band, member Brian Borcherdt went off on his own to collaborate with drummer/producer Leon Taheny and show us that his skill transcends genres. The band name itself is pretty encompassing of the kind of sound you’d expect: slow paced and hazy to the point where you almost want to twist your headphones in their port to sort out the crackle. Property Lines” is the second single off their first and only album so far, Total Dust, released mid-2012. This track is one of the fuller sounds off the album, but you still get that recorded-in-a-garage-through-practice-amps feel complete with ever-present guitar feedback.

These two are opening for The Wooden Sky at The Grad Club in Kingston next Wednesday. Come check it out for what I’m sure is to be an inspiring night of live music. If you need a bit more enticing: “live, Dusted challenges the sonic limitations of a two piece. Vocals and guitar are expelled through small overblown amplifiers and bolstered by a raucous backbone of live drums, 808 samples, and bass synth”. At the very least it’s going to be fun to watch, and be honest, what else are you doing with your Wednesday?

See ya there,


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