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About a month ago, the Seasons opened a show headlined by Jane’s Party of Toronto. With a 4 song set list, it was a tease. However, this length was all that was necessary to intrigue me as well as many others in the audience. The band mentioned they were doing a residency at the Cameron House in Toronto and were playing every Tuesday, so lo and behold, I got to see them three times that month.

The Seasons are native to a small town outside Quebec City and consequently speak French as a first language. A French accent is somewhat apparent in their vocals, but English as a second language seems to have no effect on their English lyrics. Arguably, the Seasons are writing more poetic and thoughtful lyrics than a lot of other up and coming bands across Canada. Perhaps this has something to do with their French culture that is traditionally more sensitive and into romantic writing such as poetry, in comparison to English cultures. Either way, the Seasons’ lyricism is only one of their many charming qualities.

What struck me the most about the Seasons as a band were the harmonies featured on every one of their songs. Both guitarists are the harmonizers and although the two have quite different tones to their voices as well as completely different ranges, they blend beautifully to  create a delightfully warm sound. One guitarist has a deeper voice with a very rich tone, while the other boasts a naturally high male voice and also seems to be more proficient in his falsetto.

An equally as impressive band supports these on-point harmonies. The Seasons are comprised of two guitarists (one acoustic and one electric) that double as vocalists, a bassist, and drummer. Each member is proficient on their respective instrument, allowing them to excel at blending as a band. The resulting sound is tight not only in their recording, but also in their live show. Live, the members appear completely at ease and are obviously comfortable enough that they manage to have fun and convey a sense of passion for what they’re doing on stage.

Check out the Seasons recently released full-length album Pulp on their bandcamp page: And, if you can make it out to Toronto, the Seasons will be doing a residency at the Supermarket in Kensington market this coming September 2015.

– Maddy

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