It by Rich Aucoin

Circles by Pick Brothers Band

For our University’s first music festival ever we’re not doing too bad at all! I started the night off at the Underground. It was a bit slow at the beginning but Dj Klynk was spinning some nice tracks and created a pretty good ambiance to knock back a few. As the crowd got bigger he started getting people ready for Rich Aucoin to come on which was necessary because Aucoin’s performances are super high energy. I have to say Rich’s show was one of the most interactive one’s I had been to in a long time. I remember seeing the tail end of his show once in Toronto when I went to see my buddy who plays in River Tiber; I was kinda dissapointed because seeing the tail end of his show made me wish I’d seen the whole thing. Anyways, if you’ve never seen Rich Aucoin, he’s a Hali-based artist and his shows include hilarious video compilations, personalized text greetings at the beginning of the show, lots of confetti guns, making the crowd circle up and also play with a giant parachute. Essentially its the most fun concert you’ll go to for a while and it will leave you sweating if you did it right.

Next up was the Pick Brothers Band playing at Clark Hall. A group of us stumbled over to clark hall in the rain and got in pretty quick. Now the Pick Brothers have played one of the Vault concerts before and they did an amazing job. I think its one of the only times I’ve seen someone crowd surfing in a living room and not hated it. Last night was no exception. The bar was packed and the Pick Brothers killed it once again. Switching instruments halfway through and looking sharp in matching ties, shirts, and vests. I really hope they’ll be passing through again in the near future.

Kudos to everyone else who played who I did not get a chance to see but I hear that you killed it! Hopefully we’ll get some reviews of you guys up as well soon. In the meantime get excited for tonight! If you haven’t grabbed a bracelet you can still pay 15$ to get into one of the venues for tonight. See you there!


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