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Sidewalk in the South

It seems to me that in Hollywood, who you are related to plays an important role in starting a career.  In music, ‘making it’ takes more than blonde hair and Goldie Hawn packing your school lunches (Sorry Kate, I still love you) you actually have to be good. Devin Cuddy, (son of Jim Cuddy, singer/songwriter, primarily associated with Juno award winning band ‘Blue Rodeo’.) is more than good.

He has created a sound that stands out amongst all of the music of today; probably because his music doesn’t sound like it was made today.  His sound takes a lot of cues from the 1940s. It’s bluesy, it’s jazzy, it’s country and it’s rock, but mostly it’s a lot of fun.  I think that Devin Cuddy will become a big name in Canadian music in his own right. He is reviving an older style of music, making it contemporary and completely his own. Did I mention that it sounds awesome, too?

Here is a list of show dates in Western Canada. If you happen to be in the area take in a show.  If you aren’t as lucky get your fix buying his album Volume One.

– Emma

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