Hailing from Doylestown Pennsylvania, Balance and Composure offer up a grunge-soaked variety of emotive punk music. Released in September 2013 on No Sleep Records, the band’s second full-length The Things We Think We’re Missing is an extremely introspective look into vocalist Jon Simmons’ personal insecurities through a remarkably stoic lens. It’s not that Simmons is tragically hopeless, nor grossly apathetic, but rather, through his music he recognizes that despite the intricacies that shape his sense of disillusionment, these reflections of his are pervasive throughout the human experience. What’s personal can sometimes be that which is most relateable.

“Reflection” is the first single off of the album and effectively demonstrates what Balance and Composure are all about. There’s a very daydream-like feeling to the song thanks to the subtleties of the soundscape they produce. From the distant vocals and fuzzed out guitars, to the driving and percussive main, their melodic sound pairs well with the lyrical content.

Balance and Composure are playing at The Hard Luck Bar in Toronto this Thursday, stage dives and high fives all night.

– Paul


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