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My apologies to the hip-cool cats that think these songs are old news, but in Canada, Lemaitre’s following is a lot smaller than it is in their home country. Coming out of Oslo, Norway, Lemaitre has managed to gather a rather large following in northern Europe, however, have yet to significantly penetrate the true, north strong and “free” music market. Lemaitre has become one of my personal favourite groups recently, and let me tell you why.

Relativity 3, the third installment in their Relativity EP series, was released in April of 2013. The only other time I heard music that was as easy to groove/dance/jive/boogey to as this was from Stepdad.

The Daft Punk influences come through and are apparent as soon as you press the play button. To be honest, this release is much better than Daft Punk’s latest album. You say blasphemy, and I say, “whateva Trevah” (an alternative spelling of the name Trevor, for the uninformed).

“Iron Pyrite” opens up with an off-the-wall, funky guitar hook and keeps it throughout, continuing to add layers upon layers of sound to make the song feel bigger and bigger as it progresses. You’ll be humming this one for quite some time. It’s been a little under a year and I still am anyways.

Much like the song just mentioned, “Fiction” dat guitar, dat bass, dat hook, dat voice. The song honestly speaks for itself. Wait, what’s writer’s block? It’s just really difficult for me to express in words how much fun Relativity 3 is. I really doubt that if you’re this far into my rambling “review” that you aren’t enjoying the music. If you aren’t, but I’m sorry, you’re soulless. Someone had to tell you. It may as well be me, right?

This funk-house-electronic-disco-fusion band really deserves a massive world-wide fan base. There’s nothing that’s stopping them, other than the fact they’re on an independent label perhaps. Their tracks are easy to dance to, the songs straight-up emanate fun, and these guys definitely have the funk. Follow Lemaitre and prepare to have a continuous flow of excellent electronic music coming your way.


And don’t worry, I didn’t forget that today is St. Valentine’s Day. I never said once that you can’t groove between the sheets to these tunes. 😉

– Matt

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