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Rolling Stone


It is her ability to foster in her songs a gentle simplicity while exposing an impassioned honesty that sets Sara Phillips apart from the rest. Officially releasing December 5, “Rolling Stone” delivers on this promise while exceeding the standards this Montreal-born musician has set for herself. In addition to providing the essential backdrop to our descent into Ontario winter, this single attests to Sara Phillips’ designation as an emerging singer songwriter. Having posted her track “Undertow” in 2012, this is exactly what we want to hear two years later. “Rolling Stone” boasts Sara Phillips’ development in style, as well as in her skills as a songwriter. Considering how essential growth is to the success of young artists, the potential here is vast. With unwavering control over her soft yet full-bodied vocals, it will be thrilling to see where this Canadian goes from here (she may live in New York, but I’m going to go ahead and stand by our claim to this one).

– Kate



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