Taking Flight

Ryan Hemsworth is a man who should need little introduction, coming out of Halifax he has been pushing the boundaries of downtempo electronic music for years.  His most recent collaborative EP Taking Flight, which he created with Seattle based producer Lucas, is no exception.  The album is distinctly Ryan Hemsworth yet at the same time it is not.  Although it has all of the Ryan Hemsworth calling cards including his unmistakable attention to detail and the delicacy of his melodies, it is difficult not to hear the influence Lucas has had on Taking Flight.  It undeniably follows Lucas’ hazier aesthetic and utilizes a lot of the static textures that Lucas often employs.  Their styles combine and play off each other well and the result is very high quality laid-back electronic music perfect for a rainy day.  ‘From Grace’ is certainly the most robust track with vocals that serve as rhythmic texture, overlaid by a drum kit that comes in and out of pulsing focus.  The final track on the album ‘U Remain’ is more typical of Ryan Hemsworth.  It builds throughout and finally explodes in frenetic textures about half way through before fading back into relative quiet.  Although the album is by no means a masterpiece and does not push either artist’s musical boundaries the two artists synergize very well and Taking Flight is still a great piece of production that deserves a spot on your more relaxed playlists.


Ryan Hemsworth, Lucas – From Grace



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