Body Pillow

Snow in Newark

Ryan Hemsworth, a Canadian DJ who was born and raised in Halifax, released the first two singles off his upcoming album on Tuesday. He teams up with Mad Decent signee Dawn Golden for the first track titled “Snow in Newark,” and with Ricky Eat Acid for “Body Pillow”.  

Ryan Hemsworth is not someone who is known for consistency in the music he makes, frequently switching up his style as he remixes some extremely diverse songs.  However, most of his full albums maintain a chill ambient vibe full of humble electronic drifts and toned down synth lines.  “Snow in Newark” and “Body Pillow” follow suit to his previous productions.  “Snow in Newark” is a little drier and features some light vocals by Dawn Golden that complement the beat very well.  “Body Pillow” is significantly more lush and displays some very timely bass notes throughout.  Both songs are excellent and well worth a listen, while drummming up significant excitement about his upcoming album.

– Stephen


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