Fairy Tale


Down By The River


I have absolutely no idea how this duo from Kassal, Germany isn’t more popular here in Canada. They seem, however, to have made it big in Europe as their album, along with the single “Stolen Dance” have charted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The group isn’t your classic indie band kinda duo of guitarist/vocalist and drummer. Instead, Clemens Rehbein is the band’s vocalist/instrumentalist, while Philipp Dausch is the DJ. Although unorthodox, the combination works wonders as Dausch’s DJing brings an energy to the music that makes it oh so hard not to tap your foot to, or get up and dance to. Full of catchy melodies, energetic and rhythmic guitar riffs along with supportive-yet-funky bass riffs (Rehbein was previously a bassist in a jazz group called “Flown Tones”), and all the right electronic support and effects you can imagine, Sadnecessary has got it all.

Other tracks to check out: “Stunner”, “Flashed Junk Mind”, and “Stolen Dance”.  Be sure to get your hands on a copy of this album- at least virtually- so as not to miss out.

– Maddy

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