blacksmihs EP


“Just a group of musicians who jam and want to have a fun time making and playing music.” That’s what The Blacksmiths have under their band’s about page, and that’s about it. Despite them making it seem that they don’t take their music seriously, they are seriously talented musicians. An instrumental Soul/Funk band out of Montreal, it’s expected that these guys have a relatively small fan base. They don’t play live very far from home, and they have just under 90 followers over social media, but none of that discredits the quality of the music The Blacksmiths create.

Sometimes we’ll hear gripes from music fans of the past, that there isn’t any truly talented musicians putting out original content anymore. They’re just flat out wrong. The popular music industry has its talent as well, but now with a increased access to instruments and recording tools, along with the internet, a lot more people have an opportunity to get their songs recorded and share them with the world. Today, you just have to look in the right places for a little bit more of that good music you’re looking for. They aren’t easy to find on the web, being as small as they are, and not to mention the fact that they aren’t the only band in existence called The Blacksmiths either. Here’s their bandcamp page in case you wanted to hear a little bit more from The Blacksmiths.

– Matt

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