Save The Party For Me 

A couple summers back, my dear pal Natali and I were sitting on the hill at the main stage at Sasquatch, ready to slow down and bask in some hazy sun to the backdrop of the next act. The hill was scattered with fellow goers ready for the same; the floor was modestly occupied for the mid-day show.  As my memory goes, it was about 45 seconds into Grouplove’s set when the hill began pouring people.  There is a wildly contagious quality about hordes of people rushing past you. Even more so when they are all dancing. Greeting waves of giddiness, Nat and I mobilized.

With a few catchy hits to their name, and a indie rock sound that may not be the rarest these days, Grouplove has the potential be lost in the mainstream crowd. Had I not seen them live, it’s likely I would have lost them while awaiting the next ‘Tongue Tied’-esque pop-infused indie rock song for The Peak to put on their circuit. I would not have heard what I hear now, if I had not danced and smiled and laughed beside one of my most favourite friends and surrounded by arguably the easiest people to dance and smile and laugh with- festival friends!

So to remedy us all of that perilous prospect, here is ‘Save The Party For Me,’ a track of their newest album, Spreading Rumours, released in September 2013. Grouplove are masters of the pop-infused hook- get yourself to one of these kids’ dance parties.  Preferably on a hill.

– Kate


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