Say That


“Say That” is the second single released from the upcoming album Anything in Return, the third album from Chazwick Bundick aka Toro Y Moi. Toro Y Moi often gets lumped into the blogosphere-fabricated genre of chillwave, but ‘chill’ is hardly the appropriate adjective here.

Because of the consistent and relatively audible vocals in Toro Y Moi, the songs feel less ambient and more traditionally narrative, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call some of it pure, unbridled pop. “Say That” is as upbeat as anything else Toro Y Moi has produced. The instrumentation is relatively simple, with a fuzzed out bass line, simple drum machine loops and a slightly unsettling, 70’s sounding keys. Over this, Bundick sings the verses and uses a screwy female vocal sample for the chorus. The result is a danceable, upbeat track with a kind of sinister undertone, lending a bit of malice to the refrain of “we can’t go back”. Anything in Return drops on January 22nd from Carpark Records.


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