This is just ridiculous. The band is called Diarrhea Planet. Since they are from Nashville TN, one can assume that their aesthetic is at least in part a reaction against the uber-polished, meticulous country churned out by song machines throughout the city. They have four guitarists, but I never hear more than two guitar parts. This song, “Separations” is totally unchallenging and straightforward, the lyrics are somewhat inane, and the whole thing just feels juvenile.

So why does it feel so gooood? The short-and-sweet delivery helps, as the song’s primal energy manages to remain novel throughout. I think the main redeeming qualities of this band lie in the vocal melodies, which are just straight up fun and have endless sing-along potential. By the time we’ve left the first chorus and the whole band yells “so dig your heels in/and grit your teeth/and quit your bitching” I am fully on-board with Diarrhea Planet. Clearly others are too, as the band has opened for JEFF the Brotherhood, Wavves, and Toronto’s also-inappropriately-named Fucked Up. Guitarist Jordan Smith claims that Diarrhea Planet “wanted to be the worst band ever, that was our goal”. Judging by how much I enjoy this song, I think they have failed. I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, their debut LP, is definitely worth checking out.

– Graham

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