I have to admit this was the first time I’ve heard Twin Rivers, the garage-pop band from Vancouver, BC. Although some may believe this discounts an opinion, it helps form connections with the music purely based on its sound. Settle Down is one of the ten songs featured on Twin Rivers’ upcoming sophomore album, Passing Shade, releasing June 17. I can’t wait. This album is exactly what I could use this summer.

Settle Down’s guitar riffs resurface memories of evenings by the water, watching the sunset with good company. I already feel nostalgic for the memories that this song will become the soundtrack to. The chorus fits a similar bill. Every time I listen, I imagine an evening drive through the city, joking with friends, people-watching through the window. It speaks to the beginning of many individual narratives; the ones of those in the city, of those closer, and yours. Combined, the music asks me, “How will your summer go?” As such, I recommend listening to Settle Down relaxing with friends after an eventful day. The song fits perfectly within memories – memories that haven’t been made yet. Memories for which I’m already feeling a sense of nostalgia. This may have been the first time I’ve heard Twin Rivers, but I can definitely tell you it won’t be the last time I hear them – in real life or when I replay summer thoughts.

This was my experience. Listen to the track below and enjoy your own. Cheers!

– Jeremy

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