Happy stock-up-on-cheap-candy day! Hope everyone had a good time last night, and if you’re like I am and had a little too much fun, here’s a song to accompany you as you lounge around the house and ease off that hangover. Current Swell is a Victoria based band with a surf rock/folk/reggae/blues vibe- aka pretty much anything you’d want out of a band. In true BC style, the band got their start playing in backyards and on beaches and have made their way up thanks to their internet fan following. Don’t you just love the world wide web?

Shelter is an upbeat, feel good song, which will hopefully be a source of warmth and comfort, especially as we tackle this gloomy weather. Just relax and let Scott Stanton’s voice melt away your stress (trust me, that’s not hard).

Fun fact: Current Swell is playing at The Mansion on November 21st.

Added bonus: tickets are only 10 bucks. And really, what can you get for $10 these days? Two pumpkin spice lattes?  A shirt on sale at Urban? Half an album? Or a fantastic Wednesday night with friends, cheap drinks, and an amazing live band. I’ll see ya there!


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