Shy Guys


Hailing from Oakville Ontario, brought to you by pizza, pop punk, and friends, here’s Seaway. These five lads have garnered some serious attention and cred over the past two years evidenced by their shared gigs with the likes of Real Friends, Citizen, and A Day to Remember (!). Their brand of pop punk isn’t largely inventive, but they hammer the nail square on the head by consistently providing hooky, tongue in cheek tracks that one can’t help but bounce along to. This is what makes Seaway standout in the overcrowded room that is the Ontario pop punk scene – they have THE sound that many bands strive for.

“Shy Guys” is the first single off of their 2013 full-length Hoser, and damn is it catchy. The content is straightforward: boy meets girl, wants to get to know her, but has some reservations largely attributed to his own nerves. This isn’t new wisdom by any means, but: GO FOR IT MAN. Solid riff, sweet transitions, and killer main vocals – I’m in.

Seaway will be playing in Kingston THIS Friday January 24 at a house party on Couper Street. If you have never been to a punk/pop punk show this is a great opportunity to check out the scene and take part in the stage dives and high fives that I’m always referring to. All night.

Click here to view the Facebook event!

– Paul

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