Six Dead Tigers


Ever since the release of Tiger Talk and the band’s imminent tour, Yukon Blonde’s fan base has been growing at a steady pace, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Tiger Talk is a collection of driving, upbeat tracks that grab your attention the second that they start. The whole record is incredibly catchy and the songs will be stuck in your head for months on end.

I began listening to this album over the past summer, yet I still catch myself singing and humming the songs to myself. “Six Dead Tigers” is one of the many reasons why this keeps happening and is perhaps my favourite piece from the entire album.

Being one of the many great bands to emerge from Canada’s west coast, it’s great to see these guys finally gain some much deserved popularity. Tiger Talk is one of the best investments I’ve made all year and if you give Yukon Blonde a serious chance, you too will be listening for a long time to come.


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