Sky Mall


I’ve never been to a Sky Mall before, nor can I say that I know what it is. I do know however that this band is absolutely UNREAL. Bootsy Collins would be proud. Vulfpeck are some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever heard and are fantastic composers to boot. This band has been kept a secret from the Vault since their beginnings in 2011. It’s criminal that this is the case, and I’m happy to say that those days of the Vulfpeck darkness are over. Most of their songs don’t even have lyrics while still having their hooks fester their way into my brain, failing to leave within the foreseeable future. Blending aspects of pop music, jazz, soul and funk have made these guys one of my favourite bands in recent memory. I’m so happy that I’ve discovered them and finally get to share them with anyone that comes across this entry.

I also have to share my personal favourite groove from the band, “Outro”, which just so happens to be the intro on their 2011 album, Vollmilch.


I truly believe that the neo-funk, neo-jazz, and neo-soul (so much neo) scenes are going to grow quite a bit over the course of the next few years. Just look at the latest three posts on this blog. The last show I went to was in the same vein as this music, and is honestly some of the most fun(k) I’ve had at a live show in ages. Come back to the Vault sometime next week and there’ll be another present for you from this mystery band.

– Matt

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