Elwins band photo

This is the new single released in advance of The Elwin’s sophomore album Play For Keeps that will be hitting shelves in February, and it shows promise of good things to come from this four piece rock pop outfit hailing from Keswick, On.

The tune starts off with a catchy guitar riff that builds as the percussion kicks in, leading up to the explosion of the chorus with screeching guitar lines and supporting vocals to really hit home the title refrain. The lead vocals of the verses sometimes sound like they’re being delivered through an old car radio, in a nice way, and they play around with the pitch a fair bit. Listen for the great guitar fills in the third verse too, your fingers will want to play along.

The Elwins delivered a killer performance opening for Royal Canoe at Clark Hall Pub in the fall, so watch out for any tour dates because they are definitely worth catching.

– Margaret

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