Sour Soul

Mind Playing Tricks


2015 may be the year of the ram but February is chalking up to be the month of good hip-hop. A little track from Kendrick, Drake’s new album, and now the much awaited complete collaboration

between BBNG and Ghostface. With this album you definitely notice that while it’s certainly jazzy the boys of BADBAD definitely tone down the intensity of their jazz sound and play more so as beatmakers versus jazz virtuosos (by this I mean a lot less intense drum and bass solos/riffs). Overall the album has a lot of solid 70’s sounds and definitely appeals to that side of me that enjoys the direction hip-hop is moving in relation to artists like Taylor McFerrin, Flying Lotus, and The Roots. In fact, its quite fitting that DOOM is featured on the album as many of BBNG’s backups are reminiscent to his beats and samples. While I wouldn’t put this album on right as the party is about to go off and then subsequently get shut down, I will definitely be playing the next time I host a meeting of super-villains or a cocktail party with some more edge.



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