sam cash

Fall Together

Marquee Lights

Steal My Car


Everyone, meet Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs,

A cool group of kids with all the makings to be another awesome Toronto rock band, and these strapping young lads play with the same fast noise and loud pace as their city. They’re raw in the way you want a young band to be; Definitely full of talent, a little unsure of what to do with it all but steadily figuring it out.

All of my favourite bands have good lyricists. Sam Cash is a good lyricist. His songs accurately capture the overwhelming mix of uncertainty and excitement that comes with being a twenty-something. These are songs about friendship, heartache, adventure, lessons learned, and booze. He offers a deeper exploration of a complex medley of feelings once previously described in a song as: “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time/ feeling twenty-twoooo, ooh, ooh.” Thank you, Taylor Swift.

This band’s growth will be an exciting one to watch.

…Sam and the Dogs (Kyle, Matt, Aaron), meet everyone.

– Emma

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