The 400 [audio]

I decided to play the new Stars album quietly in the background while I worked on an assignment for my playwriting course.  I’m so jazzed that they are playing in Kingston in November so I’ve been listening to them nonstop.  I finally figured out what direction I wanted to take with my assignment and I was just about to put pen to paper when “The 400” came on. As a result, I forgot what I was going to write and gave up on the assignment (oops).

It wasn’t the first time that I listened to “The 400”, but it was the first time it got me. Every song they write is full of so much raw and honest emotion.  They go deep into feelings that others are afraid to even think about. God, I love Stars. They have somehow managed to succeed at the impossible task of creating and maintaining a unique Stars sound while at the same time experimenting with new sounds. The thing that is great about each and every one of their songs is that you can listen to it thousands of times and love it, but one day when you’re in the right state of mind it will hit you. And when it does, you’ll get it.


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