Keep Me Drunk

I Am Your Rogue


Bartering is not a dead currency, as I was grateful to discover last fall when The Crackling played in Kingston at Sydenham Church. In exchange for some honest words and a promise to keep sharing the music, Kenton Loewen sent me home with The Crackling’s debut album, Keep Full Ambitious. Bearing a reputation as a skilled and fierce drummer for Dan Mangan, Mother Mother and Gordon Grdina, The Crackling is Kenton Loewen’s first project as a songwriter/composer.

Keep Full Ambitious is a stunningly honest piece of work put together by some earnest, hardworking West Coast talent. A smoky folk vibe fills all corners of this indie rock album, and “I Am Your Rogue” leaves us all at the mercy of Kenton Loewen’s haunting, earthy howl.

Tiding us over until their next album, we have The Crackling’s EP, Ashen. I remember Kenton Loewen, with all of Sydenham adoringly captivated, ensuring that we all grasped the power, and the gentle humanity in the phrase: “I hear what you say,” a refrain that beautifully echoes itself at the end of “Keep Me Drunk.” For those of you who join me in cradling that memory dearly and tightly, I assure you that Kenton Loewen’s collaboration with The Vancouver Children’s Choir is a more than suitable replacement for our 200+ voices dancing through those candlelit pews last fall.

It’s always a pleasure crossing paths with The Crackling, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them around.

– Kate

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