The Flower Lane


Ducktails is the side-project of Matthew Mondanile, better known for his part as guitarist in the excellent band Real Estate. Ducktails’ first two albums were made solo, with the aesthetic of a 4-track recorder and a sleepy, summery vibe. The songs were brief, often starting and ending abruptly, and it felt like a collection of abstract ideas from a guy with a competent knowledge of recording and an excess of creativity.

On this new album, Ducktails have recruited a full band and taken their feet off the phaser. The title track “The Flower Lane”,  opens with a surprising Supertramp-esque organ. The verses are decent and fun, but where the song really shines is the chorus, especially when it’s serving as the outro. Ducktails is about capturing a groove and then riding it, but never for too long. The vocals are a lot more prominent compared to previous work, and the lyrics are predictably vague. But as I said, what’s important here is the vibe of the song, and it succeeds at setting up a groove and sustaining the energy all the way to the finish. The Flower Lane is out January 28 on Domino.


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