The Lost Boys


Growing up in a small town, there isn’t much to do except start a punk rock band with your best friends. From the fringes of Ottawa, that is exactly what five-piece pop punk outfit Rydell has done. Their latest EP released just last year I Was Hoping This Could Save Me clocks in at around 15 minutes and rocks similar to something like early Taking Back Sunday. It’s content is standard pop punk fare – fast drums, harmonious guitars, and heavily driven by vocals. The album itself reflects on the band’s experiences growing up in Canada’s capital with a particular emphasis on self-improvement and dismissing critics.

Right off the bat “The Lost Boys” demonstrates the band’s ability to write hooks. While Rydell hasn’t reinvented the wheel, this isn’t their objective by any means. They play the type of music that they like to listen to and they do it well. There’s something to be said for, and credit to be owed, where band cohesion is strong, all musical orientations aside.

Rydell are hitting the road this April with Knockout Kid and Harbour, check out their facebook page for all tour dates – www.facebook.com/Rydell613. Future stage dives and high fives.


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