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Always On


After a ton of anticipation, high expectations and a decade of waiting, Death From Above 1979 has finally released their new album, The Physical World.

Since the duo’s decision to stop playing together back in 2006, the DFA fan base has grown, and those fans sorely missed the collaborative efforts of Sebastian Grainger and Jesse Keeler. Both members went on to pursue new musical endeavors after the split. Sebastian Grainger and The Mountains didn’t even come close to the same level of success that DFA (Death From Above) saw. MSTRKRFT was a little more popular, but still did not achieve what one album did alone.

You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine has become easily one of the most influential albums of this generation. The album art became iconic, so much so that the boys with their elephant trunks were brought back for this album’s cover.

When the band announced that they were reuniting, and then later announced that they’d be making a new album, the hype began. Numerous music news sites published articles about the reunion, asking whether the band would meet expectations or whether the band would be just be a shell of what it once was.

Those questions were put to bed, tucked in and given a kiss on the forehead. You know those albums that you can start on track one and listen to till the end? This is one of those albums. The Physical World dropped just last week, and I’m pretty sure I know every line of every song on this album already.

“Cheap Talk” opens up the album. It’s a shallow song lyrically, but funky as can be. The bass line punches, the drums are chaotic, it’s everything that was expected and more.

“Always On” on the other hand is a different case than the former. While still catchy and energetic, its a much better song lyrically. The term “always on” is used to describe people’s social media use, and how it permeates a large portion of people’s lives. They even use Nirvana’s front man, Kurt Cobain to get the point across. “If we brought Kurt back to life, there’s no way he would survive. No way. Not a day.” If Cobain thought Nirvana was too much fame in the 90s, just imagine Nirvana being around at the same time as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

It should also be mentioned that you should try listening to this album while doing monotonous every day tasks. It makes everything incredibly epic.

Even with this incredible album, the hunger that these guys created in 2004 still hasn’t been totally satisfied. Until they release an album and it flops, that hunger will continue to exist. You hear their songs and you just want more, and more, and more.


– Matt

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