The Relatively Fair


I’ve already reviewed a song off of Will Statton’s Post Empire, but the reason I’m writing this today is because around the time “When You Let Your Hair Down to Your Shoulder” was posted here, Will announced that he had stage III testicular cancer. Shortly after the announcement, his brother set up an online donation page so that Will would be able to pay for the necessary medical fees and hopefully, effectively treat the cancer. So far, fans and loved ones have given Will 93% of the $25,000 donation goal. The donation deadline is April 10th of this year, and with only 7% to go, I am posting the link here in hopes that those of you reading will consider giving a small donation to help this talented, young man pay for the treatment that he needs.


“When You Let Your Hair Down to Your Shoulder” was actually the first review that I posted here on The Vault. After a good friend of mine introduced me to him, I became an instant fan. Will’s songwriting is not only melodically soulful, but the lyrics are incredibly poetic. Post Empire has become a personal favourite of mine with every single song being an amazing listen.

A few days ago, I was walking through downtown Kingston on a snowy night, just running a few errands, getting things done. I was listening to Post Empire for roughly the thousandth time, and when “The Relatively Fair” came on, I was awestruck. Despite me listening to this album over and over again, this song still caught me off-guard and really struck and emotional chord with me.

Maybe it was the atmosphere at the time, maybe it was just me considering just how lucky I am to be happy and healthy, or perhaps it was both, but I had never felt this feeling while listening to a song before. “The Relatively Fair” just might be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

It truly pains me to know that one of my favourite musicians, just beginning to realize his creative potential, has been diagnosed with such a terrible sickness. I wish Will a speedy and permanent recovery, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.


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